My knife pages in English

I write these knife pages in Norwegian only, with one exception: the article on barrel knives.

If you want to read this without having to learn Norwegian to do so, you may try a translation program.

Such programs are very far from perfect, and any number of unexpected things happen. Just a few examples:

  • The program often gives a statement the exact opposite meaning.
  • Some words are just wrong. A "knivblad" (knife blade) may be called a "knife magazine".
  • The result may resemble baby language.
  • Names of people and places may be "translated", with terrible results.
  • Prices may be totally wrong. NOK 100 may come out as GBP 100, which is about ten times as much.
You are now warned. So don't be surprised when you read something that just is not possible. I wrote that Erling Brusletto was a grandchild of the Brusletto founder Rognald Brusletto, and that he left the family company to start on his own. In the February 2009 translation he was a granddaughter who joined the family company to start on his own.

If you always keep such problems in mind a translation program may still be useful. I have not compared them to find the best.

Here is a Google Translate translation of my knife pages:

Knife Talk from Per Thoresen

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